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Have you tried paid Twitter posts yet as part of your Twitter or social media marketing strategy? Here’s a new one:

I Setup a new Twitter account based in Vancouver BC today and a few minutes later I had my first automated follower, – a twitter marketing company that has setup twitter accounts in dozens of major cities and then has people pay to be able to post their business ad in targeted city twitter accounts. Pricing info listed says: Full Tweet Ads: From $4 to $10, depending on the number of followers in that city.

Like radio advertising, advertising on works best in blocks. So, for example, you could sponsor an entire week in a city — 4 tweets a day for 7 days — for $56. Or buy a Full Tweet Ad in each of our 96 cities for one day for $335.

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How Advertising on Works filters and collects Twitter trends by city, providing people with a list of what’s going on and being talked about around them. Four times a day, we tweet these lists out to our 239,568 followers in 96 cities across the world.

Once a day, we send out a full ad to each of our 96 cities. When you buy the ad slot for that city, your message gets sent out to a targeted localized list of Twitter users. Advertising on is the only way to tweet directly to a local Twitter audience.

Screenshot: Full Tweet Ad
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