Google Under Attack by Hackers

Hackers turned Google’s corporate site into a dog’s dinner this morning, redirecting visitors to the executive page to its Chinese site. Google has since resolved the issue, but it reinforces the general belief that the gloves are well and truly off, two days after the company decided to stop censoring content on its Google China site.

While the US Government is attempting to stay well and truly out of the fight, claiming that the Sino-American relationship was strong enough to withstand any dogfight between Google and the Chinese government, it didn’t stop China’s media from accusing Google of having a cosy relationship with US spy agencies. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Google’s share price fell by 1.5%, while that of its Chinese rival, Baidu, rose by 2.6%, putting it above the US search giant for the first time.

Posted via web from Vancouver Internet Marketing Consultant – Brent Purves