The bittersweet appeal of Google Ad Sitelinks

Some of the biggest online advertisers are seeing big results–and bills–in Google‘s new AdWords features.

Last fall Google rolled out the change to AdWords, called Ad Sitelinks, that allows search advertisers buying their own brand names to add additional links to a traditional search ad.

A typical search ad contains one link, or sometimes two–one to the advertiser’s home page and sometimes one geographic link. Ad Sitelinks allows advertisers as many as five links in three lines of text. Macy’s, for example includes links to “free shipping deals,” “shop online,” “find a store,” and “account login,” in addition to a link to its home page. Toys “R” Us includes a link that says, “Buy one get one free little tikes!”

These deeper links bypass the advertiser’s home page but are giving them a huge increase in click-throughs; Google estimates a 30% to 40% increase over standard search ads.

But that click-through success has caused trouble for some marketers: Consumers searching for a brand using Google will click on the sponsored ad and not on the organic result. And all those clicks on the Sitelinks ad are also driving marketers’ search ad bills up 30% to 40%.

Posted via web from Vancouver Internet Marketing Consultant – Brent Purves