The Canadian Press: Geotag your life: websites that broadcast location raise privacy concerns

VANCOUVER, B.C. — As if knowing what your friend had for lunch wasn’t enough, now you can see where she was eating it as well.

An increasing number of websites and social networking services are adopting geotagging, allowing users to include their exact location when they update their status or upload a photo.

The technology opens up new ways for users to interact with information on the web, but privacy experts warn there are dangers in haphazardly broadcasting your location to the world.

The lists of services that incorporate geotagging, typically by using data from cellphones equipped with GPS technology, has been growing during the past year or so, with sites like Twitter, Flickr and blog providers enabling users to include their location in whatever they post. Facebook is expected to add geotagging soon.

The recent proliferation of geotagging prompted a group of web developers from the Netherlands to launch the website, which offered Twitter posts of users announcing they weren’t at home, suggesting they would be good targets for a break-and-enter.

Posted via web from Vancouver Internet Marketing Consultant – Brent Purves