Now Live, Twitter’s New Ads: Are You Brave Enough for This?

Short-form social network Twitter has taken a bold new step in exploring its potential business model. The company appears to have begun promoting keywords in its “trending topics” list for sponsors.

When users click on a promoted trending topic, they are brought to a search results page, where the page is topped by a promoted Tweet. They aren’t sent to an ad landing page, but to a live and uncensored conversation. That’s what we’re seeing with the new movie Toy Story 3 today at least. It’s a logical and interesting way for the company to make money. It’s also unlike almost any other advertising in history.

Interesting point that the level of Twitter chatter about a movie *could* do a better job predicting the success of a films box office performance than present methods of predicting financial success. You agree? Would you buy an ad that would encourage open ended conversation about your company on Twitter?

Posted via web from Vancouver Internet Marketing Consultant – Brent Purves