Financial institutions banking on social media to engage consumers

As the need for financial knowledge and empowerment grows, so has the trend for financial institutions and companies to engage with consumers through social media.

Atlanta-based credit reporting agency Equifax has launched a personal finance blog that will feature weekly insights and practical information from consumer finance experts, the company announced this week. In February, SunTrust, also based in Atlanta, debuted its Web site. The site has attracted more than 210,000 unique visitors since its launch. And personal finance expert Patricia Stallworth of Johns Creek, president of PS Worth, runs the popular site,

Can you think of any social media applications or uses of Twitter or Facebook or other social media your bank could offer you that you’d actually find helpful? Do you really want to follow your bank on twitter just because they hold your mortgage? Perhaps you’d follow them if they offered you a discount on your monthly fees? Is there a social media app out there that can make my bank branch be open during ALL regular business hours 6 days a week? 😉

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