Yelp Says It’s Not Afraid of Foursquare – Yelp Mobile and Geo Local Social Network for Restaurants, Shopping and Businesses

Starting tonight, local businesses that have created free accounts and claimed their listings on Yelp will receive additional analytics specific to mobile user traffic: the number of times they’ve shown up in mobile search, the number of times mobile users have clicked to call them by telephone and the number of times users have clicked for directions to their business.

Yelp says that 2 million unique users searched on a mobile Yelp app last month, performing 27% of the total searches the company saw. The entire Foursquare network claims 1.8 million users. Yelp said this Spring that it sees 31 million unique visitors to its website every month.

Did you know Yelp was for more than just restaurants? 15 times bigger than Foursquare. Wow. Check it out today at in Canada or for USA or for UK, and about 38 other domains Yelp! Inc. owns. Of course there’s always the domain which Yelp was smart enough to purchase themselves — for use, I suppose, if they start thinking their own service isn’t that great. Which do you prefer? Foursquare or Yelp? Would you use a mobile device that allowed you to check in and submit reviews to both Foursquare and Yelp at the same time?