Is Human Media the Next Frontier? What about Social Human Ranking Position or SHRP?

…A few weeks ago, Futurelab’s Shanghai associate Jan Van den Bergh proved that there was. Together with two partners he has set up Holaba, China’s first brand recommendation platform. In line with Net Promoter® thinking, Holaba surveys an ever increasing group of Chinese netizens on the likelihood in which they are willing to recommend 5,000 different brands (50,000 products), as well as their reasons for doing so. Combining this NPS®-data, with additional customer experience, shopping and popularity measures, allows them to create an ongoing picture of every brand’s recommendation power. But more importantly, by offering brands to connect out to individual consumers which declare themselves to be promoters (or in China recommenders) Jan’s team has effectively created the first human media network in China… From…

I wonder if the next generation of fridges will have a touch screen on the outside of the door that allow you to “Like” (a la Facebook) products presently existing in your kitchen (aided by rfid in each product package). Perhaps I could quickly rate or review any product as well either via webcam in the screen, just audio, or by typing a quick message on the touchscreen – and perhaps I’d be motivated to provide feedback by the companies that make the products by earning points for each review which can be redeemed for other products. Actually, there’ll probabaly be an iPhone app that comes out sometime soon that, using a new rfid reader, would allow you to rate any product in your entire home — perhaps Yelp will strive to carve out more market share and leave the Foursquare-Gowalla-Facebook-Twitter crowd in the dust by integrating this kind of product “check in / review” feature. Where does stickybits fit into all of this? Maybe that concept will simply be replaced by my iphone’s camera being able to take a picture of any product and then recognize it (as we are already seeing happen with book covers, CD covers etc. Why not recognize every human as well and check in to them and rate them? Maybe being Mayor or Duke of a location (or person? new meaning to “I own you”) won’t be as easy as checking in every time you walk or drive by your favorite coffee shop. Perhaps it will (or should) also be be based on one’s social score. You gotta be liked by others who have also checked into a location in order to rank high in that place. SERPS are for websites that rank high. What would my
my human media HRP or HERP SRP or SHERP (Human Ranking Position or Human Engine Ranking Position or Social Ranking Position or Social Human Ranking Position) be Starbucks in this scenario? Give me a dollar off my Frappucino, baristaman, everyone here likes them and me and thinks I deserve one.