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Check out tips and check-ins from celebs from some of MTV’s biggest shows, including Jersey Shore, The City, The Hills, Real World and more. Here’s your chance to follow DJ Pauly D on foursquare as he tans, spins and fist pumps across the country. MTV wants to know where you like to go and what you like to do, so friend us on foursquare and share your tips, check-ins and to-dos with us as well.

Download MTV’s Jersey Shore City Guide (this is a jersey shore blackbook iphone app) to find out where to party like the cast of Jersey Shore, find the best restaurants, bars and clubs in your area and fist pump to check in on foursquare at your new favorite locales.
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Are you a foursquare user? Want to explore an area through the eyes/tips of MTV celebs? Here’s your chance. Foursquare is partnering with a handful of big brands offering this location layering feature. Also Follow Bravo, WSJ, DewTour, Thrillist, TLC, Bon Appetit and more to unlock badges and find interesting tips around your city