Foursquare Extending The Physical Reach Of Offers And Hints At Hardware Integration – Social Location Based Marketing

Foursquare is going to start rotating specials that users see in the “Special Nearby” tab. The service realizes that users are seeing the same ones over and over again in places they frequent, so they’re going to switch that up.

Second, Foursquare is going to extend the physical reach of some of these offers. Currently, people within about 200 yards of a venue can see a special. And while that works fine in tightly-packed cities, it can be useless in wide open areas. So they’re going to increase that range in those less dense areas.

Have you ever actually clicked on one of the Foursquare specials? I’ve clicked many out of interest because they’re new and a novelty — and I am mayor at a few Starbucks but have yet to cash in on the dollar-off-‘Frap deal. Extending the physical reach should help increase the exposure of these deals. Seems like once it catches on with advertisers and businesses (and the user base grows) there will be a never-ending stream of rotating “deals near you” in whatever Foursquare or Gowalla or Yelp or Facebook or Twitter location based advertising app you’re using on your smart phone.