Asia’s Social Media Scene – Chinese Social Media

Strong digital ecosystems are not only present in the most developed countries in Asia. In fact, Indonesia will soon overtake the United Kingdom as the second largest Facebook population in the world.

The average youth in China has more friends online than offline, while Australia has one of the highest levels of social media engagement in the world. Australians spend an average of 6 hours and 52 minutes a month on Social Media.

Most of China’s social media users are spread across three main social media Websites: Kaixin (30 million accounts), Renren (40 million accounts), and QQ (376 million accounts).

Chinese netizens use domestic social media rather than international versions like Facebook primarily due to government blockage of foreign social media, but also cultural preferences.

The average Chinese youth has more friends online than offline? Wait a minute, isn’t that true for everyone? Who actually has more real offline friends than their present Facebook friend total? No Lars, she doesn’t count. One’s Twitter “following” or “followers” don’t even come close to being considered friends. Private social media networks will likely begin to take off in months and years to come as people tire of having their digital and social lives broadcasted for the world to read and archive (and repurpose).