Microsoft Launches Outlook Facebook Integration [Exclusive] – Social Inbox Marketing

If you want to learn more about the announcement, Microsoft has also released a short video articulating Outlook’s new features:

Facebook Outlook Social Connector Announcement Video

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Social technologies are starting to dominate the web – but do you think this real-time contacts feature in Outlook will change the way you use email or how you communicate? If you can now get all of your friend’s facebook updates in your “social” email inbox will your unread messages grow to unmanageable proportions? Will China block people from using Outlook? For now there’s no way to update your status or “like” something from inside Outlook. How would Twitter integration into Outlook help you, if at all? We are going to have to be more and more careful about clicking “send” because what we write in that very personal email to a close friend may easily soon be also posting to your Facebook wall and Twitter feed if you’re not careful. At least with Facebook and Twitter, if you know you’ve done it, you could go in and delete your posts. The joy of email remains that once it’s sent it’s sent 🙂 Maybe there should be a 5 minute “did you really mean to do that” feature built into all of the present and upcoming integrations of social media with existing technologies. Did you really want to publish your shopping list from your social-enabled fridge? Did you really want to publish your speeding ticket from your social enabled car? Did you really want to publish that you’re running low on beer from your social-wifi-enabled beer case?