Foursquare Tips: Become SuperUser and get Editing Rights

Hello superuser!

We’ve seen that you’ve either been checking-in a lot (woo!) or adding lots of new venues (thx!) which is why you’ve been upgraded to “Superuser” status!

There are 3 different levels of Superuser status, each giving you a little more control over things on the site. As you contribute more to the site, you’ll unlock more Superuser power.

You’re currently at level 1: You can edit venue info (address, cross streets, Twitter names), mark places as “closed”, and let us know about duplicate venues.

You’ll see these tools when you visit a venue page. For example, to edit venues look for the little pencil icon: .

So that’s it for now – thanks in advance for any fixin’-up you may do!

If you’re wondering why you can’t edit locations or do other stuff some of your other friends on Foursquare can, it’s likely you need to spend more time using Foursquare adding new locations and checking in to earn the right to be called a super user!