IKEA introduces social media to its marketing catalogue – Next campaign: “Swede Yourself” in-store ? :)

IKEA Canada has launched an advertising campaign and contest that encourage consumers to share their favourite images from the home furnishing retailer’s latest catalogue.

The campaign includes television, print, online and out-of-home creative touting the arrival of IKEA’s 2011 catalogue. Each execution also alerts readers to IKEA’s “Capture the Page” contest, an online initiative that invites consumers to upload pictures of their favourite images from the catalogue to a microsite,

So when you’re reading through the Ikea catalogue and it asks you to take a picture of a page and then email it to win 10k will you take the time to do it? Maybe they should encourage the same thing in their Ikea stores — take a picture of yourself with the thing you see that you like in the store and email it to enter to win that item. Instead of “Capture the Page” maybe Ikea can get permission to use “Swede Yourself” from Be Kind Rewind fame. Do you think a whole Sweded version of the Ikea website would draw any viral or grassroots attention? I’d visit it and watch submitted videos of people swede’ing non-ikea-purchased furniture or things in their life (whatever that might mean).