Entrepreneurs build Empire on influence – Using Empire Avenue for marketing / advertising to promote your business or personal brand

Imagine if you could make money with every Facebook update, tweet or blog post. That’s the ultimate goal of Empire Avenue, which is hoping to revolutionize social media and create a new economy in the process. It is a new kind of stock market, where you trade shares in people — shares whose value depends on the influence a person or organization wields online.

“We’re trying to make a marketplace for everything you do online,” said Duleepa Wijayawardhana, a former community relations manager for MySQL, the digital database used by such sites as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. “We want to show that everyone has influence, and that influence can be very valuable.”

Have you signed up for a free account with Empire Avenue http://www.EmpireAvenue.com yet? It takes about 5 minutes then once you’re in you can connect your twitter, facebook, blog and other social network accounts to help build your online value. Empire Avenue tracks all of your online activity (postings / engagements ) and assesses your value – you become a stock in the EA system that others in the world can purchase and trade. Your value goes up the more people invest in you, the more active you are posting & tweeting & facebooking online and so on. Connect with all of your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, people in your city, people in neighbouring cities and then hand pick those people whose stock you want to purchase.

You can also register as an individual or business. If you have a business, register an account for it and people will be able to buy virtual stock in your business. Connect with others about your business, place “FREE” ads for your business in the Empire Avenue network using the income you’ve made from accomplishments and smart investments in other people & businesses. If nothing else, listing your business and connecting with your local community in Empire Avenue gives people another way to find and interact with and build relationship with you and your business. Will you make any real money from Empire Avenue? Will enough people pick this up and start using it to make it really fly as THE next social network to join and spend an hour a day on? Time will tell. In the meantime, if you have a few hours to burn and want to go buy some stocks in your friends or their businesses give it a whirl. You can invest in me and in Stir Communications Group at (e)BRENTP and (e)STIR