Twitter Talks About New Video Ads, Movie Marketers Can’t Wait – Movie Social Media Marketing & Advertising

movie marketers have been the biggest Twitter advertisers for promoted trends, promoted tweets, and @ specials since those inventory options began premiering in April. Twitter ads for “Toy Story 3,” “Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” “Despicable Me,” “The Social Network,” and other films have appeared. And there’s little doubt the San Francisco-based social network will catch even more big Hollywood fish once video becomes part of its advertising platform.

When ClickZ asked Twitter spokesperson Matt Graves if video trailers will be a part of future movie ad placements, he replied via e-mail: “Yes. Studios have already been using Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends to increase awareness of and interest in their movies. Twitter’s new detail pane opens up all kinds of possibilities, and we imagine movie marketers will get creative in [making] their campaigns even more engaging.”

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