Stickybits Is Honing Its Object Check-Ins To Be More Brand-Friendly

The next version of stickybits, which is coming out in October, aims to give people more reasons to scan and share their scanned objects by honing the product and making it into more of a platform for unlocking rewards and coupons. Stickybits wants to reposition itself as an app for object check-ins.

The new app, V2, will offer brands and businesses four ways to create object check-ins: coupons, group deals, location, and product combo rewards.

Not sure what Stickybits is? Go to . Basically you buy stickers online (eg from Amazon here and then wait a week or two for delivery) then you can stick them on whatever you want. Then you download the stickybits app to your iphone or smartphone, open it up, and point your phone’s camera at the barcode on the stickybits sticker. Then you can “attach” an image or message or url or video to that barcode and sticker. You can then stick that sticker onto whatever you want — something in a public place, or perhaps a product. When others scan that sticker you can receive an email notification letting you know the physical location of the scan, who scanned it (if they’re logged in to stickybits) and what, if anything, they attached to the sticker as their digital sticky bit. Looking forward to seeing these new object check in upgrades.