RockMelt Offers Social Web Browser – Will it succeed where Flock hasn’t?

RockMelt integrates a variety of social tools in an effort to redefine browsing as a social experience. It presents a list of one’s Facebook friends alongside the window used for rendering Web pages, and also displays frequently used social applications in an adjacent browser pane. The idea is to make it easier to communicate with friends, post to social sites, and navigate search results.

RockMelt? Really? I guess many of us say “Google” many times a day without thinking it goofy, so why not RockMelt for a name. Will Rockmelt be able to get off the ground where Flock has failed. With about 9 million users Flock isn’t a flop, but it’s peanutty compared to Firefox with 400 million users and Chrome with 70 million. I can’t say I’ve felt the need to join the Flock yet. Perhaps because Marc Andreessen is behind it I’ll be intrigued enough to give it a kick or rub or social poke. What’re your thoughts? You a Flock fan? Think social browsers are the next next?