Will Social Business Cards from Follr.com make the cut? ( Social Networking and Social Brand Building )

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Follr.com Social Business Cards solve the problem of the inability to easily and accurately communicate our ever changing social identities, content and contact information. It is the social evolution of the traditional business card; essential for individuals and businesses alike.

I created a social business card a couple months ago on Follr.com at http://follr.me/brentpurves but have neglected to use it or link to it or tell anyone about it. Why haven’t I used it more? Just too many social sites out there these days that do a better job? (facebook, linkedin, foursquare, yelp, gowalla etc). I think the Follr.com domain is too hard to spell (eg it fails the phone test — I can’t just say it over the phone and have the person I’m talking to be able to spell it without my help). I’m having trouble seeing the difference between follr and other similar sites like sprouter.com ( http://sprouter.com/brentpurves ). I’ve actually made some good connections with people in industries I care about in sprouter, but have yet to get any traction in follr.com. Yeah, you get what you put into something and I haven’t given follr a fair shake yet, it’s true. Maybe I will or maybe follr, for me, will just fall entirely off my plate/radar/table like myspace, virb, plurk, and others that seemed to have promise but just can’t hold me. If you’re looking for a quick and easy and free social business card then follr.com certainly provides that. I’d recommend, however, if you’re looking to build your own brand and help people remember your name or your company’s name, use your personal name or your company’s name instead of follr (eg here’s my name as a domain and website w/ all of my social links in it http://BrentPurves.com or my business with all of my business social accounts listed http://StirSolutions.com ). This way you’re building your own brand(s) and not follr’s brand. If you’re looking for networking opportunities in not-so-mainstream social-enabled online networks then by all means give follr a run, and try sprouter.com while you’re at it and let me know what you think.