Google Goggles App Brings Users to Ad Features – iPhone and Android Visual Search Marketing

A year ago, Google introduced a smartphone application that lets users take photos of objects and get search results in return. On Tuesday, the company will take that capability into the world of marketing with an experiment allowing five national brands to use the application in their promotional materials.

In the early days of smartphones, users could find out about a movie by entering its title in Google’s browser and searching. Then Google introduced the ability to use voice to make a query. Now, the Google Goggles visual search app, available in iPhones and Android phones, allows users to take photos of an object, say a movie poster, and find out more about it in search results.

Wow. Have you tried this yet? Wonder if taking pictures of real things will leave QR code tech in the old-tech file in the next couple of years? Will we simply be able to take photos of pretty much any magazine ad or any national brand product in the grocery store (or just hold your phone up to an image and scan it a-la-QR code style) to be able to get full details, video reviews, websites, etc about that product? Why not hold your phone up to the face of a stranger and have it recognize them and find out their phone number and criminal record or favorite song or drink?

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