How to Aggregate Twitter & Facebook Posts, Hashtags and Users: Social Media Publishing Experiments

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a paper by Brent Purves – 9 contributors today

Am experimenting with Twitter and Facebook news aggregator gizmo that automates the creation of an online “newspaper” based on criteria you set. Essentially you tell it to search for keywords, geography, even certain user accounts and then it auto generates a microsite just for you. Kind of interesting but I wish there was more flexibility to tailor results and add custom content and have more flexibility in design and publishing dates. Visit the Twitter feed test at Perhaps the robot will feature you in this paper and you’ll feel famous for a day. I hope so. Tweet about Vancouver Internet Marketing and you may just show up 🙂

Try making your own and drop me a note on Twitter at @brentpurves to let me know your thoughts, what you like, don’t like, if you find it valuable or not.