What is StickyBits? Code Scanning Location and Product Based Social Check In Marketing

What Is Stickybits?

Stickybits is a free app you use to scan barcodes on all the stuff you love, instantly turning it into even more stuff you love. Scan a snowboard – win free lift passes. Scan some wireless headphones – see what people say about them and check out what your friends are listening to. Scan a box of frozen chalupas – get a 2fer for even más chalupas. You get the idea. Scan any barcode. Read reviews and comments, and share your own. Score a bunch of big discounts and free stuff – both for what you’re scanning and related things you’ll like.

With the free stickybits app you have the key to unlock every single barcode to reveal an infinite world of info and deals. With a quick scan, you enter a social space where you can post and read info, reviews, tweets and videos. You can also grab details and promos attached to products, which you can cash in instantly.

Want the best stuff first? Compete in challenges to win free products and get points for stuff you’ve scanned – the more points you nab, the earlier you get in on the next challenge. (Think: never-ending treasure hunt. More scans = more scratch.)

Stickybits is kind of fun. Give it a try. Think about how you can use it to promote your own business or to accomplish your organization’s goals.

Explore my stickybits page at http://www.stickybits.com/brentpurves and scan my code (download scanner app for your phone from http://www.stickybits.com and then drop me a line 🙂

Need help figuring out how to use Stickybits, product check in marketing, location based social media marketing or qr codes or barcode marketing to help promote your business or products online? Let’s setup a time for a free 30 minute consultation. Looking for a social media marketing agency? Email me at brent[at]11marketing.com or call now at 1-604-847-3447 ext 104 or click here http://meetwith.me/brent to schedule a time to meet that works for you.