In Social Media, Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail – Social Media Marketing Strategy for Business

FastCompany’s expert blogger Brian Solis reports that in social media, failing to plan is planning to fail.
Some key points

  • eMarketer report documents an increase in social media spend:"Social Media in the Marketing Mix: Budgeting for 2011"
  • social media strategy must gain attention from the very top of the organization be integrated across relevant business teams
  • Companies are now actively investing in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks for all the wrong reasons.
  • EMarketer’s Debra Aho Williamson says "many companies are expanding budgets for social media marketing not because they have been successful at it, but because they are relying on gut instinct–the feeling that ‘this is something important so I’m going to do it even if I don’t know why.’ Or worse, they have watched their competitors earn accolades in the press for their work in social media, and they are afraid of losing any more ground."
  • Effective business social media strategy must address business dynamics and it takes much more than a Facebook and Twitter presence – it must include and be integrated into marketing, communications, sales, CRM/sCRM, product development/R&D, HR, finance, legal, et al.


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