Social Media Engagement Tips

Business is all about people. Understanding people. Helping people. Connecting with people.

Sometimes, those of us who work in the online world get so caught up tracking followers, retweets, likes, page views and conversion rates that we forget something very important for social media success – engagement.

How to Engage Using Social Media
Want to start connecting with people in yoru social networks? Try these four simple rules of social media engagement:

1. Initiate contact. Make connections. Focus on quality over quantity.
2. Break through the wall. Think outside the box for ways to start conversations, to stand out from the crowd, to help people want to connect with you.
3. Be consistent. Establish trust by building consistent presence and positive interactions
4. Be authentic. Share real stories and facts, don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Focus on making real connections with real people and provide great information and resources