Which Social Media Marketing Channels Will Be Best for Your Business in 2012? See What Other Online Marketers Are Planning

Beyond the big three (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), smaller social media sites are to see boosts in usage by internet marketers in 2012

Social Media Platforms They Currently Use vs. Will Use in 2012 According to US Marketers, Dec 2011 (% of respondents)

This survey shows blogs will receive the most new attention from marketers in 2012.

What about you? Are you taking advantage of building your personal or business social media presence in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Is Youtube marketing, Flickr marketing, Slideshare marketing, Foursquare marketing, or Tumblr marketing even on your radar for 2012? Drop us a line at info@stirsolutions.com or visit http://www.stirsolutions.com if you'd like assistance determining which social  media marketing channels are the best match for your unique business, budget and goals.